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Hundreds of young people have gathered over the past 5 years in the Creative Life studio rented from community partners Mission Possible two nights a week. We’ve filled the space with stories, struggles, joys, laughter, with new understandings, and with deep love. 

But it has come time for us to take things to the next level.

Announcing our new Creative Life Studio! An 800 square foot creative home. Situated within Beaumont Studios, a hub for creative professionals, Creative Life youth will be surrounded by many other creative entrepreneurs, mentors and opportunities to connect. 

Creative Life’s move means a space that we can call our own; a space to call home. 

This has been a move we have been working towards and dreaming about for 2 years after consultation with many community stakeholders. It’s a big move, but a necessary move.

It means greater accessibility for a diverse group of young people on the margins.

It means expanded connections to education, employment, housing, leadership—all through art making. It means sharing our space with other community organizations and artists.

It means more space for healing, more stories, more joys, more play, more innovation, more belonging.

So join us, and support our Home Is Where the Art Is campaign to help us make this new home a reality.