Creative Life is a Community Arts initiative engaging youth aged 15-25 in East Vancouver who face the challenges of homelessness, poverty and addiction.

Through engagement in the arts we give opportunity and a safe space for creative discovery, expression and community involvement while enabling youth to find belonging, and discover their capacity, identity and purpose. 

Creative Life was formed in response to the key assets of creativity and resiliency that we saw as very present in this community of youth. We wanted to give youth an opportunity to explore and express themselves, while discovering the assets that were already present within them. We also recognize that a large component of purpose comes from having a healthy perception of place in community; being able to contribute meaningfully and having one’s voice valued in a larger place of belonging.

What This Looks Like

Open Studio programming 

In our art studio, as well as in a community drop-in space, this is the initial engagement piece for youth, and are places of creative discovery and expression and provide safe spaces of belonging. 

Creative Works

Set up as either a one-time workshop or a workshop series, these are designed to facilitate skill development in various art disciplines. 

Youth Lead Projects and Art Exhibitions

The development of projects and opportunities to exhibit pieces. Designed to cultivate leadership, community involvement, social change and the development of soft-skills. 

Community Meals

Cooking and sharing a meal together, family style, further inviting youth into a community of belonging.